So far, so good – 2016

Well, it has been an intense start of the 2016 season. We have already participated in five races; two nationals and three WC-races.

The national races went quite well, we have taken hold of these races as testing. The races where organized in Stockholm together with the junior classes. It feels really fun to race at the same places as the juniors and be given the chance to see their progresses in early ages – probably some of them will be our competitors in the future.

However, the focus has been on the UIM F2 World Championship races. The first race was held in Peurunka in Finland. This race was not one of our luckiest experiences, first we struggled with problems with the compressor and eventually I barrell rolled.

Two weeks after Peurunka we started our journey to Campione d’Italia in Switzerland in order to participate in the Switzerland GP, the 2:nd round of this year’s championship. During the free practice everything seemed to be working quite well but when the qualifying session started both the powersteering as well as the engine more or less collapsed. With some help from our competitors, as well as intense hard work we managed to get everything sorted just a minute before launching for the elimination race. The elimination race is sort of a second chance for those who haven’t manage to qualify to the main race. I started at the last position in the elimination race, 10:th position, and five drivers should be eliminated. I managed to climb to 3:rd position – and by that I was qualified for the main race!


Photo: F2 Campione 2016

In the main race I had the worst start of all the 20 boats that was lined up. After one lap I was in last position, now the chase started! I was overtaking boat after boat, finally I was in 10:th position! Unfortunately I was crashed into by a competitor, leading to that I lost one position. It was a bittersweet result, it would have been great to collect my first WC points but considering the circumstances the team was quite happy with the result and the indications the race gave.

Last weekend the third round of this year’s championship was held. The race took place in Tvedestrand, Norway. The weekend was frustrating and the qualifying result was and disappointment. But the race went quite well and finally I can see my name together with points in the standings list for the WC. From my 12:th starting position I could eventually cross the finish line in 9:th position.

Next round of the 2016 Formula 2 World Championship is once again in Norway, but this time in Tönsberg on the 7:th of August!

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