Video game, testing and soon race..

On Thursday morning we will leave for the next round of the UIM F2 World Championship. The race will be held in Tönsberg, Norway. We are really looking forward to this event. Last year it was a very well organized race and the reported number of spectators was 40.000 people! This is a massive crowd!

In the past few days we have worked a lot with the equipment. We had a great day last Friday when we where out and testing the gear. At the same time we had a crew of people around us recording the engine sound. The team had assemble about 10 microphones on various places inside of the boat, under and on the engine cowler etc. The purpose with the recording is to use the engine sound for an upcoming video game.. we don’t know yet what kind of game it is and unfortunately it won’t probably be a powerboat racing game – but lets wish for that 😉

We have also started a new project where we will invite you to get a closer view of what we are working with. You will probably notice this more and more by time, but here is a sneak peak of it:

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