Disappointing weekend in Tönsberg

We came to Tönsberg, Norway, with hopes of further progress after the last race in Tvedestrand. We felt really well prepared and it was really motivating to come to an event of this high class. A lovely area with great crowds.

During the Saturday the plan was to do the qualification and hopefully be in a top 10 position. We launched the boat for the free practise and tested some propellers and different setups. For each lap it felt better and better. The right hander that use to be problematic started to feel really good and instead of losing time in it, we felt that we gained time in it. For each lap the lap times decreased untill the disappointment of the weekend for us; the propeller shaft cracked.

Unfortunatley, we do not have an extra gear house.. so the weekend was over. A frustrating feeling over all. We ended up with the 9:th fastest time in the free practise and it felt like there was more improvements in the lap times to do. Losing the propeller that worked that well was also massively bitter.

However, during the Sunday we got reason to smile at least a bit. Our great rescue team offered us to dive for the propeller.. and they found it! We are very thankful for this as well as happy!

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