Formula 2 Powerboat racing

“The World Championship Run of the hosting country, with the field of averagely 22-24 drivers representing different countries. The field races on courses of different layout, 2-pin or multi-pin tracks which are generally 1600-2000 m long, varied with right and left handler turns. Boats are lined up on a pontoon and are set going by a dead engine start procedure at once. The total number of laps is approx. 35-40 depending on the length of the course, and lasts for 30 minutes while offering a continuous and exciting racing experience. Safety is guaranteed by the Official Rescue Team that is made up of professional rescue personnel, divers and doctors. The Grand Prix and the whole weekend is supervised by the Officer of the Day (OOD), usually a skilled and experienced Officer of the hosting country’s National Authority for Powerboating.”

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Point system:

1:st                      20 points

2:nd                    15 points

3:rd                     12 points

4:th                     9 points

5:th                     7 points

6:th                     5 points

7:th                     4 points

8:th                     3 points

9:th                     2 points

10:th                   1 point


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